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I'm a dedicated artist and will strive ever higher!

I've decided to update my DA and properly introduce myself. My name is Avanti Weaver (that's right, I used my full name, don't wear it out.) and I am currently attending college. I am an artist, gamer, and anime otaku (Japanese for fanatic). I've been drawing since the age of five, from which I really didn't take at all too seriously, but I was told by teachers, friends, and parents that I have talent to become an amazing artist. I decided to take their praise into consideration and decided to start my career as a pencil artist, because pencil art is all I can do and I'm gonna keep it that way. I am not very good with painting. I am decent, but when it comes to mixing colors, it's a mess with me. What else should I talk about? Hmm... well before going on with a different topic, all I can say is that I have my fair share of struggles with my art. I sometimes feel like I'm getting nowhere with my art and feel as though I've reached my limit as an artist, but then I remember that I am not alone on my journey. I have friends and fellow artists that also have their share of struggle, heartbreak, depression, and doubt. If we can support each other on our individual journeys, that would be awesome! I doubt I will have words to make someone feel better, but being there for you guys is all I can do at the moment. NOW on with the positives!
Like I said, I LOVE anime! <3 <3 <3 I'm more of a Shounen and Romance fanatic. However my taste in anime has its limits. I prefer anime that have NO ECCHI, FANSERVICE, YAOI, YURI, OR HENTAI and I would want the anime to be at the minimum of 26 episodes or more. The more episodes, the more character and plot development.
I also love video games. I used to be a fighting game junkie but lately, I've become more of an adventure and RPG gamer. Any game with action or fighting would always please me as long as it's good. One more thing, I am HUGE on Dragon Ball! I doubt anybody knows more about Dragon Ball than I do. I challenge thee to a duel!
I am a HUGE fan of the Kingdom Hearts series. I've been playing Kingdom Hearts since middle school (Ya, I started late but I have my reasons if you just keep reading.). I have been putting off Kingdom Hearts since it came out in 2002 when I was in 4th grade. I didn't think something was wrong with it, unlike people who claim it to be childish, but for me, I thought it was TOO overhyped and mainstream. I regret having a childhood without Kingdom Hearts. It would have been much more magical and nostalgic. The bright side of it all is that me and my little sister got along great when it came to the Kingdom Hearts games. I would not play a Kingdom Hearts game for the first time without her. It's our tradition to play the games together to the fullest. Anyway, ya. KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!
I am also a fan of Final Fantasy. Not a huge fan, but I have INTENSE love for Final Fantasy X. It was my very first Final Fantasy game and RPG in general. It was the first game that has introduced me to a world that wasn't a typical button mashing fighting game. The story changed my views and on life and it has also changed me into the person that I am today. Whenever things go wrong, always remember to smile or YELL!!! Hahaha I love Tidus and Yuna.
I would explain why I love more of my games, but for right now, I'll just put down a list of games that I love.
Mortal Kombat series
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts
Street Fighter
The Last of Us
Tales of Destiny
Tales of the Abyss
Tales of Vesperia
Tales of Graces f
Tales of Xillia
Star Ocean The Last Hope
Dragon Ball Z Budokai series
Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi series

I am as well BIG on Japanese music. The Japanese music has that FEELING AND PASSION in them. It's something American songs can't seem to grasp nowadays. It's just words it seems like. That's probably me. I don't know. My favorite artists are DEEN, WANDS, Hironobu Kageyama a.k.a. Mr. DBZ, BoA, Ayumi Hamasaki, UVERworld, L'arc En Ciel, Abingdon Boys School, and BACK-On. I have a lot more artists, but I can't think of any at the top of my head.
My gosh this is a long bio. I am gonna stop right here for now because there is NO WAY anybody would read all of that. If you did, my gawd how did you last for this long? My story must have been boring. Gomenasai! That is sorry in Japanese. I have a habit of using minor Japanese. Anyway, Ja ne!

Wait, wait, wait, one more thing. I also have a gaming channel as well as an editing channel for Final Fantasy music videos. The first one is down below and the other one is…
Okay, Mata ne!


Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians by ChronicleArtist
Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians
I cannot say more than how much I love this character. He is what made the movie enjoyable within the first ten minutes. He is relatable, he is carefree, chill, and an amazing protagonist.

This drawing took me 4hrs to complete.
Fairy Tail - Natsu Dragneel | Protect the Future by ChronicleArtist
Fairy Tail - Natsu Dragneel | Protect the Future
"I promise I will."

So I'm doing this thing where I draw my favorite anime moments in all of anime. There are a bunch of moments out there, so there may be more than you can expect out of this. I'm starting with Fairy Tail as my first pick. 
This scene came from when Future Lucy went back in time to warn Fairy Tail of the ten thousand dragons that will appear but was killed by Future Rogue after attempting to kill Present Lucy. This was a very powerful scene and one of the saddest moments in Fairy Tail. I say it is number one on my list because of Happy shedding those tears and screaming out to Lucy. Excuse me, I need to cry. *runs out of the room*
As I was saying, this is one of those rare moments when we see Natsu shed tears. You can feel his pain and anguish upon witnessing the death of his friend and the threat of her future. When you hear him retort "I will turn your destiny INTO ASHES!", you know that he meant every word of it. 
Lightning Farron by ChronicleArtist
Lightning Farron
This is a little preview of my work of Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

This was taken from the ending of the original game, which I believed should have wrapped up the XIII story there, but nope, we had to get two more sequels that nobody asked for. But I digress, they were still good (well, I've not played XIII-2, but I got the full notion of what happened.). 

As for the character Lightning, I don't find her one of my most favorite characters, but she's top 10, I guess. She started out as someone I despised because she was this b*tch that had no reason to be as cold as she was, especially towards her comrades, who were stuck in a dire situation just as her. She was fine pummeling Snow, I'll give her that. Along the way, she grew on me as a character. I tolerated her through the end and she became one of my favorites. 

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